Maud Jayet startet mit ihrem neuen Coach Diego Fructuoso in ihre Olympiakampagne Tokyo 2020. Wir haben Diego getroffen und ihm ein paar Fragen gestellt.


Why coaching an Olympic Class ? What do you like in this job ?
Diego Fructuoso : I am a sailor, I started to sail in individual boats so I feel more confortable in Laser or Finn than in other boats. I sailed in big boats too and even offshore sailing but I like a lot the „olympic sailing style of life“. I have been in the Spanish Olympic Team for many years but I couldn’t go to the Olympics so I am trying to go to Tokyo 2020, this is a dream for me. I have sailed around the world but never at the Olympics. I was near to go to Rio 2016 but like Maud we lost the classification. So we are together try to do the same, go to the Olympics and do a nice result for Switzerland!


How do you feel about joining the Swiss Sailing Team ?
DF : I just started less than a month ago, but I like the style of the federation, how they work. The people who work at the federation have a lot of experience and they know what they want.


What are your impressions about Maud so far ?
DF : We started working together at the end of 2016, we went to Barcelona for a training and after we did the Palamos Christmas Race. And we have been in Murcia from 5th to 11th of January, training for the Miami Olympic Regatta. I think that she has a lot of talent, she is really young and she hasn’t a „roof“, she can improve a lot! We know in which direction we want to work together.


With is your main challenge with her ?
DF : Actually now we have to get used to each other, we just started and we have to know how I can help her, what she needs.


What is her biggest strength ?
DF : For sure she is really intuitive and she learns really fast from all my comments.


Your short and long term objectives with her ?
DF : First we have to adapt to each other and understand what we need, how to improve together… And of course, we want to do some nice results this year, and on the long term, go to the Olympics and win a medal!